How To Braid Your Hair

Braiding my hair has always been a big deal for me especially as a curly haired girl. Having your hair out of the way and in a secure braid allows for complete focus on whatever you are doing. I have found that in most aspects of my life whether it be running, yoga, working at a restaurant, or just wanting to look nice, knowing how to braid can really help you succeed.

There are many different types of braids, French braid, dutch braid, regular braid that follows behind your head, and two braids at the side of your head. For this how to, I am teaching you how to do a simple braid behind your head. I use it a lot when I go workout, or when I just want my hair out of my face.

It is very important to set out all your materials that you will need prior to starting to braid your hair. Having each item will help you perfect your braid. Not everyone uses a spray bottle, but I use it in order to make sure all my loose ends and frizzy hair are locked in tight to the braid. Also, I have found that if my hair is watered down with the spray bottle, my braid stays in place and does not fall out. Bobby pins help pin back any loose hairs that fall out. I sometimes use bobby pins to pin back my shorter hairs in the front of my face. A good hair tie to tie the end of the braid is important because you do not want to damage your ends with a rubber band. A loose scrunchy is really good for curly hair. Below I have taken a picture of and listed each item you will need in order to perfectly braid your hair!

Items you will need:

  1. A comb
  2. A spray bottle with water
  3. Two hair ties
  4. A few bobby pins (optional)

Let’s get started

Step One:

Spray your hair and comb it out a little bit to make sure there are no knots or snarls.

Step Two:

Section your hair into three equal pieces. For a cleaner braid, spray and comb each of the three sections to make sure they are damp and ready to use.

Step Three:

Take your first section of hair and put it under the middle section. Take the third section and loop it under the middle all the way over to where the first section of hair was. Repeat until you are finished with your hair.

SIDE NOTE – Remember that practice makes perfect! Keep repeating the three motions and you will get it down! A little thing I used in order to learn how to braid was 1, 3, 2. You move the first section to the second. Then you move the third section under the middle to the first section. Then, the original second section gets moved to the third section. The repetitive motion allows for a really cute braid. It might sound a little confusing, but once you get the hang of it, the rest is easy!

Step Four:

Loop your hair tie through the ends of your hair in order to hold the braid in place. Put in bobby pins where loose hair hangs. Spray your hair with water one last time to make sure everything is in place!

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